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WASD Keyboards – All There Is To Know

WASD Keyboards are keyboard specialists that offer a wide range of mechanical keyboards. From basic WASD gaming keyboards to custom printed keyboards, WASD Keyboards has it all. These keyboards differ from traditional keyboards in terms of the feel, overall experience, durability, and the ability to press multiple keys simultaneously. 

In this article, we will delve into what WASD keys are, how are WASD keyboards different from other keyboards, and shed some light on some of the most popular WASD custom keyboards available in the market today. 

What Are WASD Keys?

Red-colored WASD keys

WASD or W, A, S, and D keys are keys on a computer keyboard that are often used by gamers in place of the arrow keys located on the right-hand side of a keyboard. While a user can use the arrow keys, using WASD keys during a game allows the gamer greater access to various keys around the W, A, S, and D keys. It means that the gamer can assign more tasks to surround keys and enjoy a more fulfilling and convenient gaming experience!

The W key is used for the up command, A key is used to navigate left, S key is used to move down, and D key is used to navigate the right. A common practice of most gamers is that they use their pointing finger to press D and surrounding keys, birdy finger for W and S, ring finger for A, and the pinky finger to press the keys on the left like Ctrl and Tab on their WASD gaming keyboards.

WASD Keyboards

Since all keyboards have W, A, S, and D keys, what makes a WASD keyboard different from the rest? WASD keyboards are mechanical keyboards that use mechanical switches under each key to actuate

keystrokes. Each key has a separate mechanical switch that offers a greater tactile feel while typing as compared to the more commonly used traditional keyboards.

Typical keyboards feature rubber dome technology that is just like the buttons of a TV remote. These keyboards are inexpensive and do not provide as much tactility as a mechanical keyboard. A typical keyboard has a single rubber membrane covering the entire printed circuit board. In order to actuate a keystroke, you need to press the key fully. However, this is not the case with WASD keyboards. 

WASD keyboards are equipped with Cherry MX switches for every key on the keyboard. These are high-quality switches that have a lifespan of more than 50 million operations and have gold-plated contacts.  The configuration of WASD keyboards can vary to suit the needs of every customer. WASD custom keyboards are tailor-made for every customer, which is something you won’t find in typical keyboards.

The best thing about WASD keyboards is that every key feels solid.Whether you’re an avid typist or a gaming enthusiast, a WASD keyboard offers enhanced feel and extreme comfort while you’re using the keyboard. 

Why Opt For WASD Keyboards

A customized keyboard

You may be wondering what makes WASD keyboards the best option when it comes to mechanical keyboards. Well, the answer is pretty simple. WASD keyboards are a one-stop-shop. You can choose the layout of your keyboard as per your needs (TKL or full size), select the type of switches you want, and even get all the keycaps in the font and color of your choice! WASD custom keyboards are some of the most compelling options out there, especially for people who are just making a start with mechanical keyboards. 

A typical keyboard has 101 keys, whereas the number of keys on a WASD keyboard can vary. WASD keyboards may have 61, 62, 87 88, 104, or 105 keys. You can opt for a WASD keyboard that best suits your needs.

WASD Keyboard Review

WASD V3 and CODE V3 series of the keyboards tops the list of the best mechanical keyboards for all the right reasons. WASD V3 keyboards and CODE V3 keyboards are entirely the same. The only difference is that the CODE V3 series comes with a backlight and features keycaps that allow the backlight through. It makes it convenient to use the keyboard for typing and gaming, even when it’s dark in the room!

WASD keyboards feature a chassis made of sturdy ABS plastic, which ensures that your WASD keyboard doesn’t move around or shift places like a typical keyboard. You can even enjoy a greater incline by flipping the feet of the keyboard out. 

WASD V3 and CODE 3 keyboards have cable management channels on their underside. It allows the users to orient their cable such that they leave the keyboard at either of the two sides, out of the back’s center, or to the back’s side. The CODE V3 series is also a USB-C! You get a USB-C cable along. 

You can move the keys on the keyboard around to suit your needs or create macros for the WASD V3 keyboards. WASD CODE V3 keyboards offer great programmability and enable you to change things on your keyboard like making the Caps Lock key the CTRL key or changing the layout from Colemak to Dvorak layout. 

Closing Word

If you’re looking for a solid mechanical keyboard for your typing or gaming needs, the WASD keyboards are, without a doubt, an excellent choice. The best thing about buying a WASD keyboard is that you can bag some great discounts. Thanks to WASD keyboard coupon offers that are offered on various platforms, you can save significantly when you’re buying a custom or a standard WASD keyboard!.


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