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4 Reasons Why WASD Keyboards Are Good for Gaming?

Using a PC for typing, internet surfing, and other regular stuff is one thing, and using it as a gaming platform is a different ball game altogether. There is a significant difference between the stats and specs of a regular and gaming PC.

For instance, a gamer doesn’t want to persist with regular PC peripherals to make sure they can play at their best. They need high-resolution monitors with higher refresh rates and lower latency. They also need a mouse wired for better tracking accuracy and can pick up input at the slightest touch (higher sensitivity).

Similarly, gamers often look for a purpose-built keyboard to complete the set of their gaming peripherals. WASD keyboards are the mechanical keyboards that have different construction than regular keyboards.

WASD keyboards can prove to be a great addition to your PC gaming setup. If you want to know how exactly WASD keyboards are suitable for gaming, then read on. We are going to discuss four particular reasons why these mechanical keyboards fare better than membrane keyboards for gaming. 

WASD keyboard

Greater Level of Tactility

The first and foremost reason why WASD keyboards do better in gaming arenas is that they boast a greater tactility level. This higher level of tactile feedback in WASD or other mechanical keyboards is made possible by the linear switches called Cherry MX. These switches offer better tactile feedback because they feature a bump that can be felt upon pressing the keys down nearly halfway. 

This slight bump lets gamers know that a keypress got registered within a fraction of second. This rapid keypress feedback enables them to move to other keys quickly. Then, different Cherry MX variants entail various features that can come in handy for gamers. For instance, the MX Blue switch needs a bit of more force to push, which it returns with an audible “click” feedback. 

This higher tactility, along with particular feedback, makes sure gamers can swiftly move from one key to another.  

Higher Keypress Rating 

Keypress rating is one way to find out a keyboard’s lifetime use. It is the total number of “presses” that a keyboard offers throughout its operating life. Membrane keyboards always have a significantly lower keypress rating than mechanical keyboards, including WASD models. Even a top-of-the-line non-mechanical, membrane keyboard doesn’t have a rating of more than 10 million presses. 

On the other hand, an entry-level WASD keyboard also offers more than 50 million presses. 

The major reason why membrane keyboards have a lesser press rating is that they feature rubber domes beneath the keycaps that harden over time with more use. In contrast, mechanical keyboards feature switches that don’t face such issues. 

Higher Rollover Count

Mechanical keyboards also offer higher rollover count than non-mechanical membrane keyboards. Rollover count indicates the number of keys presses that can correctly be recognized by the keyboard at the same time. A higher rollover count means you can press more keys simultaneously to get the required input. 

WASD keyboards use a diode with each key. This use of precision electrical connecters with keys gives WASD and other mechanical keyboards an exceptional rollover rate. 

For regular users, the rollover rate doesn’t matter match. The maximum they may need to use is a keyboard shortcut that can be executed through a 2-key rollover. However, gamers who are playing FPS or rhythm games require an input device that can register multiple key presses at the same time

consistently and accurately. This is where a WASD keyboard with a higher rollover rate will come in useful. 

More Room of Customization 

WASD keyboards offer customization that is not possible with regular dome-containing keyboards. You can get WASP keyboards without a numeric pad. Then you have the option to customize the color scheme of keys. It is a great way to accentuate the control keys you frequently use. You can also customize them for backlighting. To sum it up, you can modify a WASD keyboard more in line with gaming aesthetics and utility. 

WASD has been working for almost 10 years to provide users with state-of-the-art customized keyboards. WASD offers all the parts and accessories that you may need with your mechanical keyboard, from custom printed keyboards to backlit ones and from printed keycap sets to single blank keycaps. We also offer top-quality wrist sets, switch testers, and cables as well.

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